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Eco-Friendly Beaded Holy Rosary

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  • Faithful In Prayer Handcrafted Rosary Necklace with recycled glass beads processed to perfection. Recycling glass beads use less energy as compared to that of molding new glass. Besides this, it also utilizes resources that would have otherwise been wasted and pollute the environment thereby saving Earth's natural resources.
  • Benefits of having a Rosary
        1. It brings us closer to Jesus Christ.
        2. It washes away our sins and cleanse our souls.
        3. It gives us triumph over our foes.
        4. It makes practicing virtue easy.
        5. It gives us passionate love to our Lord.
        6. It gives us more blessings.
        7. It makes us pay all our debts to God and others, and it gives us all the graces from our Almighty God.

***Portion of the sales will be donated to local charities.