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Assorted Eco-Friendly Holy Rosary

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  • Beautifully designed multi-colored Assorted Holy Rosary are made from Recycled Glass Beads. These beads are not industrially manufactured, which means that each bead is unique and retains its handmade authenticity. These glass beads have the ability to resist corrosion and thereby retain a polished surface for a very long time.
  • Benefits of having a Rosary
        1. It brings us closer to Jesus Christ.
        2. It washes away our sins and cleanse our souls.
        3. It gives us triumph over our foes.
        4. It makes practicing virtue easy.
        5. It gives us passionate love to our Lord.
        6. It gives us more blessings.
        7. It makes us pay all our debts to God and others, and it gives us all the graces from our Almighty God.

***Portion of the sales will be donated to local charities.