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Assorted Eco-Friendly Bracelet

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  • Assorted Eco- Friendly Bracelet made from Paper Beads by bead artist in Ghana, Africa. They recycled newspapers to craft their beads. Once polished, these beads are able to remain water-resistant and durable. Made with love and passion.
  • This Bracelet is a combination of red, green, yellow beads with white pearls that give a beautiful decent look with any of the outfits. 
  • Apart from aesthetic purposes, there are advantages in having a Dainty Jewelry:
          1. It goes well with anything you wear.
          2. You can wear it everyday.
          3. You don't have to worry about "over accessorizing"
          4. It makes your look more delicate.
          5. Easy to bring.
          6. Minimal and more economical, but with quality.
  • 5% of the sale of this bracelet will go to Street Health- which improves the health and well-being of the homeless and street-involved folks of Toronto, Ontario.