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Hi, My name is Maria (Dessy). I was born in Manila and had my first 24 years in Montalban, Rizal, Philippines. I was a Registered Nurse back home and came to Canada as a landed immigrant.

Sadly, when I came here, I was struck by a disease which made me unable to perform my duties as a Nurse. Thank goodness I found my passion in doing arts and crafts. I also incorporated some of my knowledge in health care thru Holistic Therapies.

I am proud to be part of the Filipino diaspora and to share my knowledge and culture to everyone. Long time ago, Filipinos were all Natives. We were able to keep our culture alive, immersed with Catholicism to keep the peace between two nations.

Mattive produces craft items made from processed recycled plastics and beads, and organic materials available from the local store. We also offer teas, and diffuser oils.



Mattive is an eco-friendly company and also LGBTQIA+ friendly.