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The future of Recycled Textiles

Posted by Maria Gabrentina on

In this photo by Ellen Lindner from The Balance 2019, it is shown that only 15% of consumer-used clothing is recycled. But, 100% of the clothes are recyclable. I think that there should be more businesses taking part in using recycled textiles so that the demand for it will be higher.


I mean not that I am shamelessly plugging my business, but with all the things that are happening now, it is time to act to save the environment. Who else will do it but ourselves. Some people might say, "Oh, it is too late... we are doomed." No. After this crisis (COVID-19) shall pass, it should be a wake up call to all of us to do again what we have promised to God. And that is to take care of our environment.


I really hope there will be a change from now on. It is time to act and watch how we consume things and where does it go after we dispose them.