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From Trash to Treasure

Posted by Palak Modi on

From Trash to Treasure

Everyone is aware that there are ease to recycling. Not only does it diminish the amount of waste going into hazardous waste dump, but innovative recycling can also lessen an abundance of toxic gases given by cracking things down commercially. In Ghana, the resources have long known the benefits of innovative upcycling. They were crumbling down old glass and bottles in a motive of creating winsome trade bead emulations.

Now a days, Recycled beads are one of the prime exports and are recognizable for their irregular shape and grainy finish.

Making paper beads is a long-established craft as old as the Victorian era. Young ladies used to gather socially, whilst making handmade paper beads from scraps of wallpaper rolled on knitting needles.

We are already in an epoch where recycling and upcycling play crucial parts. There’s no reason that jewelry made from paper, plastics or glass are considered unattractive. It’s now time to let the society know that those beads are as equal as every other beaded jewelry - one that’s innovative, made from recycled materials, and has provided a living source for people in some parts of the globe.

In the Philippines, various bead makers are creating paper beads to help the local people in generating income. This is also a way to resolve serious waste management problem.

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